Coloured Pencil Art

This time I’m drawing the beautiful five petalled blossom of the almond tree on toned paper with colored pencil. 

The petals are typically in shades of pink to white.

Botanical Details

The almond is not a true nut, but rather a drupe.

A drupe is like a stone or a pit in fruits like apricots and peaches.

The Latin botanical name is prunus dulcimer.

The almond tree is pollinated by honeybees.

Grown originally in the Middle East, the almond is now propagated on all continents in the warm climates surrounding the equator.


The Greeks called it after the amygdala in the brain which is almond shaped.

In the brain, the two almond shaped amygdala are part of the limbic system.

This is also known as the reptile brain associated with basic survival reactions like thirst, hunger, the urge to procreate and alertness to danger.

Almond Blossom Meaning

The meaning of the blossom is “new beginning” as it is the very first tree to flower and open its petals every spring.

The almond blossom heralds the onset of a new season of prosperity.

Other symbolic meanings are watchfulness and the awakener.


Almonds can be either bitter or sweet.

We eat the sweet varieties.

The bitter almond is a natural source for the poison cyanide that forms from the amygdalin.

Art Supplies

You can check out my full art supplies list here.

Reference Drawing

I searched for a reference drawing on the internet, that clearly shows the structure of a single blossom.

There were many images of almond trees, but I wanted to zoom into the actual blossom for this artwork.


Art Process

I began by drawing the outline of the petals with my white crayon. This is a good way to start when working on toned paper.

Then I colored the highlighted areas of the white petals not the shaded grey areas.

I added colors from lightest (white) to darkest (cool grey II).

It is always a good idea to do the lightest colors first as you can build up the intensity later.

Try to work in layers and don’t use a heavy hand in a vibrant color first.

I used two shades of yellow for the center.

I chose three shades of pink to color the inner petal that attract the bees to the nectar. This is like a landing strip for flying insects.

The green leaves helped to define the edges of the petals . I used two greens here.

As a final touch up, I took grey again and edged the petal below the one in front to add depth and a three dimensional effect to the drawing.

Coloured pencil art

Aspiring Artist Activity: Almond Blossom

In your toned papaer sketchbook do the following:

  • Draw an almond blossom,
  • Or draw a blossom that is white,
  • Or perhaps draw a blossom of a tree that grows where you live.
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