Author: Alison Hazel   –   Published: December 2020   –   Revised: January 2024

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Welcome, below is some information about who I am and what inspires me as a hobby artist. I follow natural seasonal changes and do a lot of nature journaling and art challenges. I also share some musings on managing my energy for creative practices.


Seasonal Art

To be a hobby artist you won’t necessarily make art every day or even every week, but we hope you will make some art every season. The four seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter are marked by the movement of the Sun. These are natual rhythms of the Earth and life.

The seasons produce the growing cycle for plants and some animals. If you can align yourself with each changing season. You will have around thirteen weeks to produce some art which we like to call seasonal art.

To have four art projects each year is a manageable way to get into, or get back into, making and creating art for your pleasure.


Self-care Focus

We explore how to be a hobby artist and use art for self-care. In a crazy digital world to be able to disengage and go analogue (with pen, pencil or brush) can soothe your frazzled mind.

Our main themes are:

  1. Aspiring artist – Getting going as an aspiring artist and understanding your inner voice.
  2. Art for self-care – Meditative art, neurographic art and self-care art.
  3. Third Age Art – For mature women to find their voice.
  4. Christian Art and sacred places – Sacred places, symbols and icons.
  5. Art Business Ideas – When to go public with your art business and how to prosper with your art.
  6. Writing for creatives with activities like journaling, morning pages and NaNoWriMo.

What Else We Do

We discuss art journaling and how to live a satisfying life with a little art. There are ideas for daily art and how to improve.

We encourage you to create and be happy with where you are in your art practice. We keep art simple.

We are building community through our Seasons of Art” group, Seasons of Art Challenge, AHAtober and NaNoWriMo.

And to keep you inspired, we send our newsletter every now and then.

What Art We Create

We love to create Artist trading cards, Post-it note or mini artworks, Shareable art, Daily art (well, for most days) and Art you can complete in one day.


How We Create Art

Our favorite art media are, Pen and ink, Colored ink, Graphite pencil, Colored pencil crayon and Watercolor paint.


Social Impact

See how we give back to our community of women artists.


Alison Hazel

Author Bio

Alison Hazel is a woman who shares her ongoing journey about becoming an artist later in life. She creates simple art that anyone can make. She hopes to inspire you to reach your creative potential in the area that suits you.

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