Giving Philosophy

We would like you to get to know us a little better, so we’re going to share our giving philosophy with you.

With these insights you can decide if we are the type of people you want to follow, support or collaborate with.


We believe that you can’t help everyone and you must decide where to shine your light, warmth, energy and cash.

We have decided to focus our financial help into a narrow sector namely women’s art.

We also favor causes which promote women and art.


When you buy one of our designs perhaps a greeting card, Christmas card or other artworks from Redbubble or a coloring book from Amazon, a small percentage of the profits from our art sales is gifted.

Currently this is a micro amount, but we live in hope. We anticipate our giving will grow as our business does, but time will tell.

We would love to do more, and we hope to do so as grows bigger.

We want to get this gifting plan in place as early as possible in our company’s growth and not let it be an afterthought.

Give Local

We believe in supporting people in our local area.

We donate a percentage of profits every year to local organizations.

Giving Season

As you may know with the work we do that we strive to live and align ourselves with the natural Sun’s movement and the seasonal changes throughout the year.

This is reflected in our Seasons of Art Group and the Seasonal Art Challenge we started.

Our gifting happens during the giving season which is December.

In time to come this may change, but for now it is our giving plan.

Thank you,

Team Alison Hazel Art

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