Beautiful Quotes with Neurographic Art

Beautiful Quotes with Neurographic Art


Read more about the Neurographic Art inventor Psychologist Pavel Piskarev


Sayings to Live By

This artwork shows how you can combine sayings and or words with neurographic Art.

This is a quote from Shakespeare’s play, Julius Caesar, spoken by Brutus, “There is a tide in the affairs of man, which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.”

It’s a quote which I recently discovered and that I find to be ringing in my ears lately. 

Every month I have a saying to live by which I write in my art journal. 

This is the quote from last September.


One Word Options

You can create a single word piece as well like, love, happiness or creativity perhaps.



Or a monogram piece where you use one letter. 

The beauty of this type of art is that it takes a while to see the saying as it does not immediately leap out at you .

How to Create this Artwork

Choose a saying which is meaningful to you.

Write the saying in cursive, perhaps over a few lines.

The next step is to join each word with a low swoop from the last letter in each word to the first letter of the next word.

Next, pull a line from the edge of the page to the first letter of each line of script and then from the last letter of each line to the edge of the paper.

All neurographic art avoids any dangling ends, so each line flows fully across the page even if it contains swoops and whorls.

Now you can add more lines to balance the composition.

I  coloured my artwork in warm colours like yellow, orange and red.


Which quote or words will you use in your beautiful neurographic art saying creation?


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