Author: Alison Hazel   –   Published:  January 2023   –   Revised:  February 2024

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As a strong creative and arty person, for many years, I have generated countless free resources on Alison Hazel Art. These guides, lists and templates are to help you get back to art, get to grips with being a hobby artist and build your art micro side business.

But these freebies are scattered all over my website and so, to help you out even more, I have put all my Alison Hazel Art Freebies in one place, right here. From now on you can easily look through all of them and get the ones you want and need right now.

Face of Jesus Guide

  • How to draw the Face of Jesus – This is a guide I made to help get the facial proportions correct and for a starting point to draw Christ. Use your intuition when using this guide.

Fibonacci Shell Template

  • Fibonacci Shell Template – This is a quick template to draw the dynamic natural Fibonacci shell which is, let’s face it, a tricky design to get your head around. 



Alison Hazel

Author Bio

Alison Hazel is a woman who shares her ongoing journey about becoming an artist later in life. She creates simple art that anyone can make. She hopes to inspire you to reach your creative potential in the area that suits you.

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