Third Age Art for Women

Third Age Art for Women

The Third Age

The Third Age is a term used frequently to refer to people over the age of sixty. There are many differing criteria for the start of the Third Age and you can read more on that here.

The Four Ages of Women

I am going to share with you how I see the ages of women. This can be debated back and forth, but I want to be clear what I am saying and defining as the “Third Age.”

  • First age – from birth to age 30
  • Second age – from age 30 to age 60.
  • Third age – from age 60 to 90
  • Fourth age – over 90


The Three Ages of Women

The idea of the three ages of women goes back many years.


The first age is the maiden. A maiden is a woman who is not married. Obviously, the criteria are different nowadays but to be a maiden is to be in an intact state. The age covers young girls and young women up to the age of 30.


The mother age is from age 30 to 60. This is when women spend their time bringing up children, cooking and cleaning and taking care of their families. They are in the the main childbearing years.


A crone is defined as:

  • A woman past 60 (note this includes the fourth age)
  • A woman who has passed through the menopause
  • A woman who is longer viable to fall pregnant

A crone is not a nice term to be used for women. In the past crones were also considered as witches. Usually, women in this age group have brought up their families. They may be divorced, or they may be widowed as their husbands and partners pass on. There are more older women in the Third Age group than men.

Third Age women can be babysitters from the own children’s children. They are often grandparents and have time on their hands. They usually give up work and need something to do. Having been the glue of a family unit and no longer needed may bring on empty nest syndrome. The kids no longer need or require these women in their lives on a day-to-day basis. Of course, every situation is different.

Celebrate the Third Age

For Third Age women who have time and who may have disposable income, there is an opportunity to turn to creative expression in some form.


We will talk about art in the Third Age. This is how I came to art and you can read more about my story hereI felt truly alive once I began writing and drawing and sharing my creative expression with you.

I want to encourage you to find your inner creative expression and bring it out for yourself and for the world. The practice of art and journaling and painting is a form of self-care.

Saturn’s Cosmic influence

We are happy to see the Moon rules the tides but the planet Saturn rules time. Saturn takes thirty years to orbit the Sun he is known as the timekeeper of the zodiac. Every thirty years, or thereabouts, Saturn returns to the place it was on your birthday and recalibrates what you should be doing with your life.

This links into the Three Ages of women, age 30, age 60 and age 90. Maiden, Mother and Crone. These are the three ages of woman. How this cycle affects men is debatable.

Third Age Art

The Third Age is a delightful way to refer to the years past sixty. If you find yourself with time on your hands, it is a perfect moment to learn something new. Or you can go back to a former interest. If you are not sure with what to fill you days, consider taking up a creative interest.

Some artistic creative expression ideas are:

  • Drawing
  • Urban sketching
  • Painting
  • Pen and ink
  • Writing or journaling
  • Art journaling
  • Sketch journaling
  • Sculpture
  • Pottery
  • Mosaic
  • Dyeing and weaving


How to Decide What to Do

If You Don’t Know

If you don’t know what you want as your creative endeavor then think back to what interested you as child.

Was it:

  • Music
  • Singing
  • Art
  • Drama
  • Ballet
  • Dancing
  • Pottery
  • Other

Give yourself some time to ponder what it is you’d like to start doing.

If You Do Know

You may already know exactly into what you want to pour your creative energy. It could be crystal clear that you want to do pottery or watercolors.


I am a huge fan of journaling. I started off with one journal and now my collection has multiplied into about five.

If you are not sure where to go, or you are just starting out on your journey, I recommend you get yourself a journal. Personally, I like the Leuchtturm 1719 as it is a superior quality journal and comes in multiple cover colours.

Use a journal to capture your ideas and thoughts about how you want to let your creative expression come through.

What are You Waiting For?

If you are a woman in the Third Age you may still be working full time, you may be working part time and have some time on your hands, or it may be that you have all your days stretching out ahead of you and you’re not quite sure what to do.

Whichever scenario reflects your life, there will be time within your day for creative expression and the benefits of doing something artistic far outweigh not doing so.

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Aspiring Artist Activity

Get out your creative endeavors journal and a pencil or pen. Note, I will suggest some art activities here, because that’s what this site is about, but if music or dance is your jam, you can use the principles of this journal activity for that as well.

Inside Front Cover

  • On the inside front cover, write your name add a picture and embellish it as you like.
  • For example, I wrote my name, added a sunflower drawing and some washi tape.


Second Page

  • On the second page, draw a five-pointed star.
  • In each of the points, write one or two words that support the creative artwork you want to do.
  • Some examples would be pen and ink, colorwork, collage, nature journaling or urban sketching etc.
  • These keywords may change at any time, but they are going to be the starting points for the creative expression that you are trying to achieve.
  • In this way, rather than just having one focus word you will have five.


Next Five Pages

  • On the next five pages, write one of your focus keywords at the top as a heading.
  • Give some thought about the activities you want to do that are in line with these keywords.
  • Note these activities below on the page.
  • You may wish to use pencil to start with then move onto pen when your keywords gel.

This activity is not about getting some art done, it is to help you sort out your thoughts surrounding what you really want to do, rather than what you think you ought to be doing.

If your sister makes jewelry at her kitchen table and sells it at a craft market, you might feel inclined to do the same thing because it would be easier just to follow in her footsteps.

It is important at this stage that you ponder on the specific art and creative practices that you want to do.

Please do not feel pressured by family and friends instead always listen to your heart.

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