What Type of Art to Expect Here

Here at Alison Hazel Art you will find ideas and inspiration for your art journey.

Five Fold Focus

Our main focus is five fold as follows:

    Art for Self-care

    Art for self-care – Meditative art

    Third Age Art

    Third Age Art – For mature women

    Christian Art and Sacred Places

    Christian Art and sacred places

    Sacred places and icons.

    Aspiring Artists

    Getting going as an aspiring artist.

    Understanding your inner voice.

    Art Business Ideas

    • Art Business Ideas
    • When to go public with your art business.
    • How to build a prosperous art business.
    • How to start making money with your art.


    What Else We Do

    We discuss art journaling and how to live a satisfying life with a little art.

    There are ideas for daily art and how to improve.

    We encourage you to create and be happy with where you are in your art practice.

    We keep art simple.

    And to keep you inspired, we send our newsletter every now and then.

    What Art We Create

    We love to create:

    • Artist trading cards
    • Post-it note or mini artworks
    • Shareable art
    • Daily art (well, for most days)
    • Art you can complete in one day

    How We Create Art

    Our favorite art media are:


    • Pen and ink
    • Colored ink
    • Graphite pencil
    • Colored pencil crayon
    • Watercolor paint

    Explore More of Our Art Articles

    Below are the links to our most recent articles for each of our five focus topics.

    Aspiring artists, Art as self-care, Christian art, Art business ideas and Third Age Artists.

    All the articles are written by Alison unless otherwise stated.


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